Workshop Kita Regenbogen

Many people have a lot of questions when they are asked about ballet. Tanz ist KLASSE! e.V. tries to answer them in special school workshops and to show the children a bit of the ballet world.

On Wednesday, January 31st 2018 a group of the Kita Regenbogen visited us with eight of their children. Our pedagogue Stefan Witzel welcomed them in the rooms of the Staatsballett Berlin in the Deutsche Oper. After some main information and the changing of their clothes the workshop started.

The workshop began with a journey through the Amazonas and the jungle. The kids wanted to find a wizard and so they started to travel. With the proper music, the children walked over suspension bridges or hid from wild animals behind bushes. With a lot of imagination and fantasy, the children did a playful warm up.

After that they began to stretch, slowly they warmed up every muscle in their body. Moreover, even here a lot of imagination was used. The young dancers imagined that there are little boats, which swam over the Amazonas. Every time the river changed, they had to change their boats. Therefore, the stretching was very playful too. After that, they started moving again. The young dancers swam again as boats on the water, when they suddenly saw a waterfall. A mat over which they had to jump symbolized this.

Then they came finally to the house of the wizard. Nevertheless, the wizard was not at home. Therefore, the kids went to brew a potion by themselves. Every time they drank something of it, they turned into something different. Sometimes they were dinosaurs or other animals.

For the next exercise the pedagogue brought some original stage requisite. In the ballet Hänsel and Gretel they used some glowing stones. The kids danced with it and tried new dancing steps.

At the end, the kids were allowed to visit a training of the male dancers of the Staatsballett Berlin and to watch them for a while.

When they had changed their clothes after that, they had the chance to ask some questions. The group got a point shoe and two posters from the Staatsballett.

Text: Franziska Althaus (Trainee Tanz ist KLASSE! e.V.)