Support needed: Beathoven

Schülerinnen der Lemgo Grundschule thematisieren die Taubheit Beethovens Schülerinnen der Lemgo Grundschule thematisieren die Taubheit Beethovens

We need your support to bring our piece "Beathoven" to the stage. For the rental of the theatre, the sound collage as well as the purchase of props and costumes we need your support. Help us on now to give the children and young people their great appearance with your help. Click here for the campaign:

In this season, the dance educators in their cooperation schools deal with the work, life and time of Ludwig van Beethoven. His works are received worldwide and still inspire young and old today. When Berlin primary and high school students are confronted with Beethoven's works, some pieces and passages seem familiar to them, many unknown. Some "songs" find favour, others cause boredom among the young. 2020 marks the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth. Tanz ist KLASSE! takes this as an opportunity to take a closer look at the person, the work and the time of Ludwig van Beethoven. The approximately 120 children and young people from six Berlin schools involved have chosen the different aspects that they will work out in dance. In "Beathoven" the artist's works are used inanimately, but also with additional beats to bring them into our time. Beethoven's life and temporal circumstances are also processed. This is how the numbness of the artist is addressed. How does perception change when one or more of one's own senses have been lost? Another group will address the injustice of social estates. One issue that is more topical and urgent than ever is that of pollution and destruction. Beethoven was committed to protecting nature. He processed this theme in his pastoral work, which will also form part of "Beathoven".
The students involved come from the Erika Mann Elementary School, the Ernst Schering School, the Lemgo Elementary School, the Charlie Chaplin Elementary School, the Nürtingen Elementary School and the VHS Albert Einstein. Beathoven is scheduled to premiere on May 27, 2020 at the atze Musiktheater in Berlin-Wedding.