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When the rate of refugees, on a search for a home and security, rose extremely during summer 2015, Tanz ist KLASSE! decided immediately to help those families in need and to do them some good. 100 newly arrived families with kids from different refugee accommodations were invited to watch the children’s ballet “Tanz ist KLASSE! – Kinder tanzen” perform Gorgio Madia’s “Hänsel & Gretel”. Our dance pedagogues prepared them for the visit. The creators of the piece “Hänsel & Gretel”, Giorgio and Claudio Madia, followed with western style the traditional fairytale of the Brothers Grimm. However, in this version Hänsel und Gretel have siblings that are not being sent into the woods to sharpen the situation. For the Madias, the fairytale tells the story of homeless people on the run and he thinks that the story can give all refugees strength and courage.

As the refugee kids lacked enough movement during their everyday life, Tanz ist KLASSE! decided to grant them a weekly dance lesson. Since fall 2015, the dance pedagogues Bettina Thiel and Stefan Witzel visit the refugee accommodation at Messehalle 26 weekly, later at ICC, to be able to dance with two separate groups – the common language was dance. Being able to dance and forget the burdens of everyday life enabled the kids to let fun into their lives. Also, an only girls group was established who created a choreography. After the refugee accommodation at ICC was closed, the dance pedagogues visited a new group of kids in Spandau since September 2017. For their work, the team of Tanz ist KLASSE! gained the order of thanks “Order of Malta Refugee Aid Medal”, founded by the “Souveränen Malteser Ritterorden”.

Throughout two years, the photographer Daniel Sonnentag documented the work in the refugee camp. He created a magnificent gallery that uniquely shows the joys of dance and the people behind the “refugees”. Under the linked websites, you cannot only support the project “THEY HAVE NAMES”, but also prebuy the photobook “TANZ”.

We thank you very much for your support!

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