Project start for Beathoven

On December 16th, 2019, the official anniversary year of Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birthday in 2020 began, and Tanz ist KLASSE! is also working this school year in six of its cooperation schools on the life, work and temporal circumstances of Ludwig van Beethoven.

After the dance pedagogues in the cooperation schools have carefully approached the topic, found themes and discussed initial ideas for implementation, concrete work on the individual choreographies will begin after the Christmas holidays.

The 120 children and young people involved in the project are concerned with various aspects of Beethoven's works, they look at his life and the circumstances of his time and address the issue of his deafness. How does perception change when one or more of one's own senses are lost? Another group will deal with the injustice of social status. One topic that is more topical and urgent than ever is that of environmental pollution and destruction. Beethoven was concerned to protect nature. He dealt with this theme in his Pastoral, which will also form part of Beathoven, as the project is entitled. In Beathoven, the artist's works will be used unalienated, but also provided with additional beats to bring them into our time.

Beathoven will have its premiere on May 26th 2020 in the atze Musiktheater in Berlin-Wedding. A further performance is planned for May 27th 2020. Ticket sales start on February 1st 2020 only via Tanz ist KLASSE!  (by telephone, by mail and online). Tickets cost 4 Euro (reduced), 6 Euro (regular) and 2 Euro per person for group bookings (school classes).

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A project in the context of the Beethoven anniversary year 2020

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