Premiere on July 3rd 2023

Kinder auf der großen Bühne, Foto: Mujo Kazmi Kinder auf der großen Bühne, Foto: Mujo Kazmi Wo ist Alice?, Foto: Daniel Sonnentag Wo ist Alice?, Foto: Daniel Sonnentag Bühnenbildproduktion Bühnenbildproduktion

Premiere air is in the room! On July 3rd, our dance theater production “Of stumbling and amazement” will premiere on the stage of the Deutsche Oper Berlin. The special feature: 90 children and young people from our partner schools show their own choreographies on this evening.

All groups have been dealing with the topic of "transitions" for a school year and show their ideas about it. From fairy tales to abstract images, from classic to rock, everything is included. In addition, this performance is a great opportunity for children and young people to take part in a dance performance in the opera house for the first time and to see which creative dances other children have developed themselves. How does the transition between war and peace take place? What transitional situations do we encounter every day? And what transitions does little Alice in Wonderland have to go through? This and much more can be admired on July 3rd.

The production has a playing time of around 70 minutes (without an intermission). The students attend the Lemgo Elementary School, Nürtingen Elementary School, Charlie Chaplin Elementary School, Grunewald Elementary School and the Albert Einstein Adult Education Center.

The tickets cost 20 euros/ 10 euros (concessions) or 8 euros (school classes) and are available under TICKETS.