Birthday party at the Staatsballett Berlin

Early December Lara celebrated her 5thbirthday at the Staatsballett Berlin. She came together with 16 of her friends to get insights of the daily life of a ballet company. Our dance teacher Kathlyn Pope led the workshop.

Kathlyn Pope welcomed the beautiful dressed up girls in our impressive entrance hall, called Foyer de la Danse. Firstly, she told something about her life as a professional dancer and about the Staatsballett Berlin. After the introduction they visited the daily rehearsal of the dancers.  The little children were fascinated by watching our professional dancers.

The children tried to do the same in one of our ballet studios which they have seen before at the daily rehearsal. They were dancing and jumping around in the huge studio. Furthermore they have tried the six ballet positions by themselves.

Kathlyn Pope showed them pictures of the ballet “Swan Lake” and “Sleeping beauty” to tell the story-line of the ballet and to make it more impressive. Moreover Kathlyn Pope could show them original costumes of those ballets. The little girls were dancing like little ballerinas around and tried to dance like a little swan from “Swan Lake” or like a princess from “Sleeping beauty”. Our children and youth ballet “Tanz ist KLASSE! – Kinder tanzen” is currently dancing “Hänsel & Gretel” on the stage of the opera house Deutsche Oper Berlin. Kathy told them something about this production as well and the girls were flying like birds around and picked up the bread crumbs, like the children are doing it on the stage. Lastly, they have found the gingerbread-house with sweets inside.

After visiting the rehearsal of “Swan Lake” all children came together and the birthday girl got her present- a pair of pointe shoes from the principal dancer of Staatsballett Berlin. They left the opera house, exhausted but happy.