Connecting through dance


Donation für dance workshops

The Corona pandemic is pushing us all to our limits. With all the current limitations, it suddenly becomes clear what is really important - social interaction: being motivated by others, closeness to fellow human beings, being active with each other, finding new ideas together and having fun. Therefore, we are very much looking forward to working with the children in person again.

For the beginning of the warmer season and hopefully for the end of the strict contact restrictions, we have thought about how we can better connect neighbors again after the long period of social isolation and bring more liveliness and cohesion into a community. Our means for this: dancing!

In our new project Connecting through dance, we want to offer free dance workshops for children, young people, their friends and relatives on three days in three different neighborhoods in Berlin in early summer 2021.

In order for everyone to participate free of charge, we need your support!

Any costs incurred, such as for studio rental, material costs and the payment of the dance educators, are normally covered by a participant fee. However, since the workshops are intended to be open to all, we would like to avoid a potential financial hurdle by offering free participation. With donations, the project can therefore be financially supported by you. With your donation you can therefore help to realize this project. You enable children and young people, even without dance experience, to gain access to new experiences, give them the opportunity to become creative, meet new people and have fun.

Since we cannot exclude the possibility that contact restrictions will still be part of the agenda in the summer, we will plan the workshops in such a way that they can take place even under given restrictions. To this end, for example, we plan to hold the workshops in the fresh air and in staggered smaller group sizes. Depending on what will be allowed then.

A look into the future: We have more ideas how we can be active in the neighborhood. If the project is a success, we would like to organize a whole vacation workshop over several days and also create offers just for seniors. The whole thing is an experiment about having fun together in community and movement.

The team of Tanz ist KLASSE! is very grateful for your support!

Donate right now on this page or learn more about the campaign here:

Foto: Daniel Sonnentag Foto: Daniel Sonnentag Foto: Daniel Sonnentag