Sasha Waltz and Johannes Öhman on the premature end of our 19/20 season

We live in a time of big uncertainty and indeterminate change.
In the last weeks, all of us were asked to stay at home to stop the virus from spreading by exercising collective restraint.
The ballet and opera houses are closed.
The dancers are training at home, anticipating the day they can come back to the studios.
We all miss communicating directly and physical exchanges; the collective experiences theatres, dance, concerts and cinemas provide. We are becoming painfully aware of what we are missing.
Will this bring us together as a society, as a European and world community, or drive us apart? A historic opportunity is opening up for us to understand the crisis as a chance to change our society in a sustainable and future-oriented way necessary to face the challenges of climate change. The planet Earth is vulnerable and we as humans too, everywhere and in every country. All of us are fighting with the consequences of this crisis.
Theatres, as many areas of public life, are very much affected by the current constraints.
Here at Staatsballett, we have to revise our plans, find new ways of communicating with our audience and develop new formats as there won't be any more performances this season.

For the time being, we shift towards digital spaces.
Staatsballett considers this as an artistic challenge and deals with it creatively.
You can look forward to what the dancers will develop as a creative collective in these exceptional circumstances.

Art is inventive and stays alive even without the physical stage!
This freedom persists.

Photo: Andre Rival