TH 22.09.2022, 7.30 PM

The Stuttgart Ballet: Pure Bliss

Guest performance: Ballet evening by Johan Inger


At the joint invitation of the Staatsballett Berlin and the Deutsche Oper Berlin, the Stuttgart Ballet presents a new ballet evening, PURE BLISS, with choreographies by Johan Inger, to the Berlin audience. For his large ensemble piece BLISS, the Swedish choreographer uses jazz pianist Keith Jarrett's legendary »Cologne concert«; a performance which embodies masterful improvisation for many. Inger picks up on the music's nonchalance, evoking images of liberty and community. Instead of simply transforming the music into movement, he captures more the feeling evoked by Jarret's iconic set, which Inger superbly translates into a choreography — catapulting listeners and spectators alike into a state of bliss.

In this piece, OUT OF BREATH, Inger explores the fine line between life and death. In this intense chamber drama, six dancers literally hit a wall running Jakob Ter Veldhuis and Félix Lajkó's music adds to the emotional imagery.
The evening closes with Inger's world premiere AURORA'S NAP, choreographed for the Stuttgart Ballet. It is based on Peter I. Tchaikovsky's ballet composition SLEEPING BEAUTY.

The music will be played by the orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin which temporarily resides at the Tempodrom as long as the orchestra pit is being renovated, welcoming the Stuttgart Ballett together with the Staatsballett Berlin.

Ballet evening by Johan Inger

Choreography Johan Inger
Music Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Félix Lajkó

Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin

Johan Inger
Keith Jarrett

Music recording

Johan Inger
Peter I. Tchaikovsky

Orchester der Deutschen Oper Berlin

Presented by the Deutsche Oper Berlin in cooperation with the Staatsballett Berlin.

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170 Minuten inkl. 2 Pausen

Guest performance