TU 31.05.2022, 7.00 PM

Ballet for Future? We have to talk!

Panel discussion


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The Staatsballett Berlin opens up the debate circling around issues of repertoire, canon and ballet performance practices, questioning its own historic traditions. Wherein lies the value of this art form in the 21st century? »Ballet for Future? We have to talk!« is an invitation to join our round table; to voice ideas and suggestions that move the audience, dancers, critics, activists and academics alike. During five events, experts will focus on a variety of issues. Held at the invitation of Dr. Christiane Theobald, pressing questions of age/race/religion/ability/class/gender will be discussed, openly and unbiased. What kind of perspectives and spaces are necessary and possible to initiate institutional development and change? Together with Dr. Mariama Diagne, a dance researcher and professional dancer, moderated by Claudia Henne, dance critic and cultural journalist, the Staatsballett Berlin continues the conversation about the future of ballet.


Upcoming events

13 January 2022, 7pm
Training and mentoring. The path to the stage

3 March 2022, 7pm
Audience and audience-to-be. An art world for experts?

31 May 2022, 7pm
Best performance? The limits of resilience


Past events

14 September 2021, 7pm
Ballet repertory yesterday, today and tomorrow

What may, what can and what should a ballet company perform today? Are the works of the classical ballet repertoire still contemporary? What exactly are the critical contents and how can they be dealt with? How can communication about it be established in the performance? Can questions on this subject , that arise in dance itself also be answered in dance?

It is not a matter of answers, but rather the concern is : what are the key questions that need to be asked in order to bring about awareness and, ideally, a significant change in one's own actions and external perceptions? On the topic of "Diversity and Ballet Repertoire," experts will meet at the invitation of the acting artistic director Dr. Christiane Theobald at the Round Table of the Staatsballett Berlin: The multi-voiced panel, chaired by dance journalist Claudia Henne, includes Black Pearl Almeida de Lima (freelance dancer and choreographer), Ingrid Lorentzen (Artistic Director of the Norwegian National Ballet Oslo), Federico Spallitta (soloist dancer Staatsballett Berlin),  dance critic Arnd Wesemann (tanz), and dance scholars Prof. Dr. Gabriele Brandstetter (FU Berlin) and Dr. Mariama Diagne (currently university assistant for gender studies at the University of Performing Arts Vienna).

4 November 2021, 7pm
Power relationships and discrimination in the culture industry

What about power relations in the theatre, but also in other cultural institutions? Are working conditions particularly precarious and why is that? How do power holders deal with their position in concrete terms? Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmidt, author of the book "Macht und Struktur im Theater. Asymmetries of Power" (Springer VS 2019), speaks of a "structural abuse of power in German-language theatre". And recent incidents in German cultural institutions also point to a problem that extends beyond individual institutions. The following people will discuss the issue: Alan Barnes (ballet master, choreographer, dancer), Dr. Mariama Diagne (Director of the Society for Dance Research (gtf)), Maren Lansink (Themis Vertrauensstelle gegen sexuelle Belästigung und Gewalt e. V.), Friedrich Pohl (dancersconnect, GDBA), Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmidt (Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, HfMDK) and Annemie Vanackere (HAU Hebbel am Ufer, artistic director and managing director) and Dr. Dorion Weickmann (Süddeutsche Zeitung, tanz), moderated by Claudia Henne (dance journalist).

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