TU 13.09.2022, 7.00 PM

Ballet for Future? We have to talk!

Panel discussion


Free entry, registration via required. Please make sure to follow current corona safety guidelines

The Staatsballett Berlin continues the public discussion format BALLET FOR FUTURE? WE HAVE TO TALK! at the invitation of Dr. Christiane Theobald and questions the repertoire, canon and practice of classical ballet - an open-ended dialogue about the future of this art form in times of social change.

The opening event for the second season on 13 September invites the audience to discuss the topic »Transition and changing worldviews - social values and institutions in transition?«. The aim is to shed light on the effects of the changing value system in very concrete terms in the production of theatre and literature as well as in museum planning. How do we deal with cultural heritage between the poles of cancel culture and freedom of art? What has happened in the institutions, or what has not?

Guests: Jessica Bradley (Sensitivity Reader), Elisa Carrillo Cabrera (Principal Dancer, Staatsballett Berlin), Wiebke Horn (Costume Department Director, Deutsche Oper Berlin), Wiebke Hüster (Journalist, FAZ), Franziska Sauerbrey (Head of Strategy, Coordination, International Affairs, Humboldt Forum Berlin), Moderation: Claudia Henne (Dance Journalist).


On the night, a photographer will be present do take photos of the event. Even though, the focus will be on the panelists, audience members might still appear in the background. In case you don't want to appear in any of the photos, please talk to the photographer beforehand.


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