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Premiere of La Sylphide - A Key Work of Romantic Ballet performed by the Staatsballett Berlin on 1 March 2019

Berlin, 20 February 2019 --- The Staatsballett Berlin will premiere La Sylphide at the Deutsche Oper Berlin on 1 March 2019. The Romantic Ballet in two acts by August Bournonville will be danced by the Staatsballett Berlin, staged by Frank Andersen. Daniil Simkin and Maria Kochetkova will take on the main roles for the premiere.

The ballet La Sylphide about a Scottish country squire and his unattainable love for a sylph struck the nerve of the Romantic Age at its premiere in Paris by Filippo Taglioni in 1832: In keeping with the spirit of the times, the conflict between the earthly and the supernatural was expressed. Bournonville specialist Frank Andersen sees the topicality of the piece as unbroken to this day:

»Apart from the great choreography and music that contribute to its success, it tells a timeless story: James is torn between the comfort of bourgeois existence and the lure of the unknown. This is a significant dilemma in our modern world. James tries to capture his dream — but, when he catches it, he also kills it, because you cannot catch a dream, because then it is not a dream anymore.«

Directors Johannes Öhman and Sasha Waltz (from 2019/2020) are also delighted to bring this unique heritage and tradition closer to the Berlin audience:

»La Sylphide is an early masterwork of the classical ballet canon, revealing the origins of ballet and our perceptions of it today. His work is based on true feelings, and the very detailed and natural pantomime that the dancers — women and men alike — have to master is balanced against technical demands of the steps. The company will unlock the secret of performing highly demanding choreography and storytelling in the most natural way; the eternal, yet universal challenge for interpreters of classical traditions.«

For many years Frank Andersen was director of the Royal Danish Ballet Copenhagen and rehearsed the 1836 version of the choreographer August Bournonville with the dancers of the Staatsballett Berlin. August Bournonville, himself a fantastic dancer, ballet master and choreographer who had learned his profession in Paris, cultivated the tradition of the ballet style of this age, which is still taught at the Royal Danish Ballet School today. In addition to the development of a stupendous technique, it is also about the intensity of the artistic representation, which strives for a natural expression in order to be perfect.

The main parts can be experienced in three different casts. For the premiere, guest soloist Maria Kochetkova will impersonate the Sylphide alongside Daniil Simkin as James (1, 12 and 22 March, 22 April 2019). Polina Semionova follows as Sylphide next to Alejandro Vireilles as James (3 March, 4 April, 26 May 2019). Finally, in April and May, Luciana Voltolini will make her role debut as Sylphide with Marian Walter as James at her side (26 April and 31 May 2019).

Romantic Ballet in Two Acts by August Bournonville (1836)
Music by Herman Løvenskjold

Choreography: August Bournonville
Production and staging: Eva Kloborg | Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter | Frank Andersen
Set and costume: Marie í Dali
Light Design: Ellen Ruge

On stage
Soloists and Corps de ballet of the Staatsballett Berlin
Students of the State Ballet School Berlin

Main cast
1, 12 and 22 March, 22 April 2019: Sylphide: Maria Kochetkova, James: Daniil Simkin
3 March, 4 April, 26 May 2019: Sylphide: Polina Semionova, James: Alejandro Vireilles
26 April, 31 May 2019: Sylphide: Luciana Voltolini, James: Marian Walter

Orchestra of the Deutsche Oper Berlin
Musical direction: Henrik Vagn Christensen

Duration: approx. 1 h 45 min incl. 1 break

1 March 2019, 7.30 pm at the Deutsche Oper Berlin

Further Performances
3, 12, 22 March, 4, 22, 26 April, 26 and 31 May 2019

Tickets: 22 – 98 Euro, reduced 11 – 49 Euro