Emanuel Gat


Emanuel Gat is an Israeli dancer and choreographer born in 1969 in Chadera, Israel. Gat first came into contact with dance at the age of 23. A few months later, he began dancing with the Liat Dror Ben Gal Company and touring the world. Two years later, he started working as an independent choreographer. In the following ten years, Gat created numerous own projects which were performed worldwide.

In 2014 he finally founded his own ensemble, the Emanuel Gat Company, with which he won numerous prizes. These include the Cultural Prize of the State of Israel and the Bessie Award. The dancers of Gats Company deliberately differ in origin and dance style. Their individual interpretations of Gats's instructions allow the choreography to emerge before his eyes. The dancers are relatively free to contribute their own expression and motivations. Music and its relationship to dance also play a fundamental role in the creation of his pieces. He therefore develops the music and choreography separately from each other and does without elaborate stage and costume design and lighting design.