Anouk van Dijk

»Sensual. Highly physical. Evocative encounters. Unexpected spectacles. Hungry for attention. Resistance. Surrendering. Joy. Pain. Eagerness. Curiosity. Being lost. Like being lost.« Anouk van Dijk

Anouk van Dijk is a choreographer, dancer, teacher and artistic director. She ran her own company anoukvandijk dc in Amsterdam until 2012, and recently finished a seven year tenure as artistic director of dance company Chunky Move in Melbourne, Australia. During her 25 year career as a dancer with the Rotterdam Dance Group, Pretty Ugly Dance Company and anoukvandijk dc, Van Dijk developed Countertechnique — a movement methodology that now is being taught by 32 certified teachers worldwide. Balancing each movement with a counter-movement is a concept that opens up unusual perspectives for dance, as is most impressively displayed in Van Dijk’s own works.