Wed 06.07.2022 Staatsballett Berlin

Fellows 21/22

Photo: Filipa Cavaco Photo: Filipa Cavaco

With the end of the season, we also say goodbye to our first ever Mentorship Programme fellows. They had been with us since the start of our 21/22 season with the goal to provide them with future prospects during the pandemic. It's been a rewarding experience seeing them grow throughout the year. They certainly came a long way from the first day we took a group photo to the photos taken during the production of LAB_WORKS 2022.

It has been great having you with us, Lorenzzo Fernandes, Masaaki Goto, Chisato Inoko, Jun Ishii, Hugo Martinez Garcia, Vienna Pokorny, Linus Schmidt, Guilia Scognamillo, Vantell-Boateng Smith, Shino Tsurutani and Maria Valter.

We wish you all the best on the journey to come!

Photo: Michael Hoh Photo: Michael Hoh