Tue 12.01.2021 Staatsballett Berlin

Du bist die Ruh


Last year, nine choreographers contributed "pieces from isolation" to our contemporary programme LAB_WORKS COVID_19. Andreas Heise's DU BIST DIE RUH featuring Yolanda Correa, Arne-Christian Pelz (cello) and Alina Pronina (piano) was one of them. And we're excited to share it with you today.

Choreography: Andreas Heise
Music: Franz Schubert
Dancer: Yolanda Correa⁠
Videographer: Jubal Battisti
Editor: Harumi Terayama⁠
Cellist: Arne-Christian Pelz⁠
Pianist: Alina Pronina⁠
Costume Designer: Sascha Thomsen