Thu 10.03.2022 Staatsballett Berlin

Ballet for future? Podcast - Episode Three


High-performance sport or educating artistic expression? Between discipline and big goals, between partnership and pedagogy, traditional training for professional dancers is called into question. Scandals about humiliation and drill at renowned institutes dominate the headlines in Germany and abroad in recent years. Where is the fine line between encouragement and demand that ultimately leads to a "selection of the best"? How do students feel about their education? What support do they need to be ready for the special demands of this particular profession?

Panelists are Jason Beechey (Principal of Palucca University of Dance, Dresden), Anneli Chasemore (Enhance Mentorship Programme, Staatsballett Berlin), Dr. Mariama Diagne (Director of the Society for Dance Research (gtf)), Lorenzzo Fernandes (Fellow of the Mentorship Programme, Staatsballett Berlin) and Dr. Dorion Weickmann (Süddeutsche Zeitung, tanz), moderated by Loretta Stern (presenter, actress, singer).

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