In cooperation with schools from Berlin, Tanz ist KLASSE! produced during a period of time short videos with stories behind the scenes, interviews and information about the different productions of the Staatsballett Berlin.

On this page you can get an impression of the results.


Dancing develops creativity, strengthens the self-confidence, helps to stay healthy and supports the team spirit. Nobody is more aware of this than the former dancers of the Staatsballett Berlin. On behalf of "Tanz ist KLASSE!", the dancers let children and young adults participate in their fascinating world of dance and ballet. In special events, workshops and projects they give insights to the daily work of professional dancers with trainings, rehearsals and performances, present costumes, point shoes and stage props and accompany the participants with their (first) own dancing steps. Moreover they prepare the guests to performances so that this important part of the European cultural history becomes vivid. By all these offers everybody will find his own access into the world of ballet.

The great dancer and later ballet director Gert Reinholm (1923–2005) dreamt even of establishing dance as a discrete school subject. He wanted his heritage to be used in this way. It is the duty of “Tanz ist KLASSE!” to fulfill his will.


In order to live their lives energetic and responsible for themselves and others, children and young adults need to get the chance to learn the basis for this attitude towards life. “Tanz ist KLASSE! e.V.” offers them an unique way to strengthen this attitude since dancing develops creativity, strengthens the self-confidence, helps to stay healthy and supports the team spirit. One could say that dancing is a school for life.

That is why we aim to incorporate this art in the daily life of as many as possible children and young adults, independently of social or cultural background: as a school subject in public schools. With various events, workshops and projects we approach this target. Since 2007 we welcomed more than 20.000 children and adults in one or more of our projects. Some of them were big dance projects such as “bau_subsTANZ”, the Lions benefit gala performance “Romeo & Julia” in the Deutsche Oper Berlin in 2012 or “TRAUMKINDER – Wenn der Schlaf mit mir tanzen will” in 2014. In this last-mentioned project 160 children in different ages from five Berlin schools worked over six months with our dancing teachers to develop a performance. They evolved choreographies, rehearsed constantly and performed in front of a huge audience in the Staatsoper im Schiller Theater. In the future we plan further projects in this dimension. To be able to realize them we rely on your support.

Every amount helps the children and young adults of this city to find their way into the European cultural history while having fun. They will benefit from these experiences all their lives.

Klaus Siegers

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