Staatsoper im Schiller Theater
When you have experienced an opera evening at the "Royal Court Opera", you would not only have enjoyed the traditionally excellent performance, you would have also enjoyed the visit to one of the world´s most beautiful opera houses. Frederick II commissioned his friend, Georg Wenzeslas von Knobelsdorff with the "enchanted castle". Construction work began in July 1741 with what was designed to be the first part of a "Forum Fredericianum". In 1742, a full ten months before its actual completion, the monarch´s impatience precipitated the opening of the Court Opera.
During 250 years the building had a changefully history: in 1843 the building burned down and Carl Ferdinand Langhans has built a new one. During World War II, the Opera house was completely destroyed by bombing two times over. In 1955 it was reopenend after Richard Paulick has rebuilt it. In the middle of Berlin the State Opera reflects the vision of a cultural maincity.

The reconstruction of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden began in September 2010. Until summer 2015, the Staatsoper will perform at the Schiller Theater in Berlin Charlottenburg.

Staatsoper im Schiller Theater
Bismarckstr. 110
10625 Berlin