Gala of the State Ballet School
Le Corsaire
Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin
What is a pirate? With cheerful enthusiasm a few ‘gentlemen’ from the cast, for a photo shoot, have already struck a credible pose as pirates for now. However, until the day of the premiere, they and all the other performers will have to work intensively on both their proficiency as dancers and on the dramatic interpretation of their roles, in order to present in an artistically convincing fashion this ‘action thriller’ of classical ballet with its exotic flavour and fast-paced energy.

The students are already keenly anticipating the rehearsals, the premiere in Berlin and – of course, you, the audience.
10 - 42 €

Further Events:
24 June 2013

Artistic Director: Gregor Seyffert
Dancing: Schülerinnen und Schüler der Staatlichen Ballettschule Berlin