Deutsche Oper Berlin
Sober and cool, but also monumentally and impressive – that’s how the facade of the Deutsche Oper Berlin presents itself since it was built in 1961 at Bismarckstrasse in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The 88 slabs of washed-out concrete chosen by Architect Fritz Bornemann to design the main facade evoke no memory of the previous classic column portico of the former „Deutsches Opernhaus”, which was destroyed during World War II. And thus they caused controversies in the contest’s jury even before construction began: The facade was, in the view of its opponents, lacking artistic formation.
But exactly this implemented wall symbolizes Bornemann’s theoretical attitude towards architecture. It conceals and protects the actual philosophy of the building. When passing through the entrance and the ground floor lobby, taking the staircase (a sculpture itself) and eventually reaching the main foyer, the clear beauty of Bornemann’s architecture reveals itself. In the foyer, visitors experience an open, simple and reduced elegance which is unique among Berlin’s other cultural buildings.

Deutsche Oper Berlin
Bismarckstraße 35
10627 Berlin