FR 19.09.2014, 7.30 PM

Ratmansky | Welch

Choreographies by Alexei Ratmansky and Stanton Welch



Choreography by Stanton Welch
Music by Johann Sebastian Bach

Musik von Johann Sebastian Bach (Konzert für Violine und Oboe c-moll, Rekonstruktion nach BWV 1060 | Konzert für Violine und Orchester g-moll, Rekonstruktion nach BWV 1056, erster und zweiter Satz)


Choreography by Alexei Ratmansky
Music by Edouard Lalo

“Ratmansky | Welch” is an evening full of contrasts showcasing contemporary ballet with classical roots. As both pieces premiered in the United States, it is no wonder that tradition and freedom play in the aesthetics of both choreographies an equally important part. Both pieces joined the repertory of the Staatsballett Berlin as a double-bill program in March 2014.

 “Clear” by the Australian choreographer Stanton Welch is the first piece of the evening. It is a thoughtful reflection on the terror attacks of 9/11 based on two pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 1060, BWV 1056). The choreography was devised in 2001 for the American Ballet Theatre as a direct response to the attacks. In his work, Welch, who has been the Artistic Director of the Houston Ballet since 2003, uses the technique of classical dance, however, not in a classical style. He rather plays with the idioms of the academic dance language. His choreography is a wonderful challenge for the male dancers of the Staatsballett Berlin making a lasting impression on the audience.

“Namouna” by Alexei Ratmansky from 2010 constitutes the second part of the evening. Technically demanding, the piece also offers the dancers the opportunity to shine with their talent: With a good portion of Russian humor the story follows a young man’s search for love quite cheerfully and at a high tempo. For many years, Ratmansky was engaged with the Bolshoi Ballet as a dancer, choreographer and ballet director. Based on his success in the United States, he is by now an internationally highly acclaimed choreographer. The musical basis of the piece, which originally premiered at the New York City Ballet, are excerpts of the full-length ballet composition with the same title by Frenchman Éduard Lalo, who had the piece premiered in Paris in 1882.


  • Choreography: Stanton Welch
  • Music: Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Costumes: Michael Kors für Céline
  • Light Design: Lisa Pinkham


  • Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky
  • Music: Édouard Lalo
  • Costumes: Rustam Khamdanov | Marc Happel
  • Light Design : Mark Stanley

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