Greetings from the main sponsor


The commitment of Weberbank as the main sponsor of Staatsballett Berlin has become an inherent part of our corporate communications. We are very pleased that the impressive performances of Staatsballett Berlin have met with such interest and enthusiastic response from our customers. This illustrates how well our entrepreneurial interest fits with ballet in general and the brilliance and eminence of the Staatsballett in particular. At the beginning of our partnership with the Staatsballett, we had not deemed possible the joy we ourselves — the employees and management of Weberbank — would find in our partnership with the Staatsballett. More than a few of us freely admit that they have discovered an entirely new aesthetic, artistic or athletic universe, in the performances directly sponsored by us or in any of the many classical or modern performances during the season.

We thus take pleasure in joining the friends of Staatsballett Berlin in wishing this outstanding ensemble a further successful and highly acclaimed season.We are very pleased that our institution supports this multi-faceted ballet company and provides some scope for its artistic and creative work in Berlin, a metropolis of art.

The Weberbank board of directors

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