Soloists Sebnem Gülseker


born in Ankara, Turkey


Dance Academy Berlin Tatjana Gsovsky /// Ballet Academy Munich/Heinz-Bosl-Foundation


1993-1997 Bayerisches Staatsballett Munich /// 1997-2004 Stuttgart Ballett /// since 2004 Staatsballett Berlin /// since 2006 Demi-Soloist // since 2009 Soloist


John Cranko´s “The Taming Of The Shrew”“; “Romeo and Juliet”; “Onegin“, “Swan Lake”; “The Lady and the Fool“; „Initialen R.B.M.E.“, Maximiliano Guerra´s “Don Quichotte“ (Eva), Marcia Haydée´s “Sleeping Beauty” (Fairy, Jewels), Reid Anderson´s/Valentina Savina´s “Giselle“, Michail Fokin´s “Les Sylphides“ (Sylphide Demi-Solo), Frederick Ashton´s “La fille mal gardée“, Peter Schaufuss‘ “La Sylphide“, John Neumeier´s “The Lady of the Camellias” and „A Streetcar named Desire“, George Balanchine´s “Thema und Variationen“ (Demi-Solo ) and “Symphony in C“ (Demi-Solo), Kennth MacMillan´s “The Song From The Earth”, Glen Tetley´s “The Rite of Spring“ (two women Demi-Solo), David Bintley´s “King Edward“, James Kudelka´s “Desire“ (Solo pair), Uwe Scholz‘ “Beethoven Siebte Sinfonie“ (Solo), William Forsythe´s “Love Songs“, Kevin O‘Day´s “Delta Inserts“ (Solo pair) and “Dream Deep Down“ (Solo pair), Mauro Bigonzetti´s “Kazimir’s Colours“ (Demi-Solo-), Jirí Kylián´s “Forgotten Land“ (pink couple), Jirí Kylián´s “No more play“, Hans van Manen´s “Große Fuge“, James Sutherland´s “Impaired Ground“ (Solo in  UA), Christian Spuck´s “Dos Amores“ (Solo in UA); “Das siebte Blau“; “Lulu“; “Carlotta´s Portrait“, Daniela Kurz‘ “Ashes“, John Alleyne´s “Aria for my father“, Jean-Christophe Blavier´s “Cinderella“ (two sisters) and  “Midsummernight’s Dream“, Douglas Lee´s “Cindy’s Gift“, Pascal Touzeau´s “Jupiter“ (Solo in UA)


Uwe Scholz‘ “Der Feuervogel“, Jirí Kylián´s “Symphony in D“ and "Stamping Ground“, John Cranko´s “Onegin“, Patrice Bart´s “Giselle“; “Swan Lake” (Pas de trois, four little swans, Italian princess); “The Nutcracker” (Russian dance, Marquises); “Das flammende Herz“ (Tarantella-Solo), George Balanchine´s “Ballet Imperial“ and “Serenade“, Kenneth MacMillan´s “Manon“, Vladimir Malakhov´s “Cinderella“ (Season/winter fairy); “Sleeping Beauty” (Fee Miettes qui tombent, Fee Canari qui chante); ”La Bayadere” (Grand Pas, Solo-Shadow and Dschampe-dance); “La Peri“ (Spanish princess), Maurice Béjart´s “Ring um den Ring“, Frederick Ashton´s “Sylvia“ (companion of Sylvia) and “Glories of the Romantic Ballet“, Pierre Lacotte´s “Le Papillon“ and “La Vivandière“, Marius Petipas “Paquita“(Pas de trois), Boris Eifman´s “Tchaikovsky“ (the girl), Giorgio Madia´s “Alice's Wonderland“ (Alice), Peter Schaufuss' “La Sylphide“ (Effie), William Forsythe´s “The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude“, Mauro Bigonzetti´s “Caravaggio“ (Bacchus), Malakhov and Friends 2010: Vladimir Malakhovs “Spirit“ (Creation), Marius Petipa´s “Rast der Kavallerie“


invitations: 2006 Takamatsu-Festival for “La Bayadere” /// 4th International Ballet Festival Bodrum (Turkey)
Tourney: USA, Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, Egypt 2010: George Balanchine´s “Allegro Brilliante“