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Fri 16.06.2017 Fabienne Rohde

Sarah Mestrovic about Sleeping Beauty

The soloist Sarah Mestrovic dances in Nacho Duatos "Sleeping Beauty" the Lilac Fairy. In the interview, she talks about the beautiful costumes by Angelina Atlagic and about her personal favorite moment.

Which role do you dance?

I dance the Lilac Fairy in “Sleeping Beauty”, that means that, I lead the audience through the entire piece from beginning to end. I am the good soul that brings the whole story to a good end.

What is special about Nacho Duato’s “Sleeping Beauty”?

“Sleeping Beauty” is a classical piece on pointe shoes, but it has modern influences in the movements: this is a new way of dancing and demands a high level of classical technique. This version is not that long, so it is very family-friendly. A highlight for everyone are the costumes, especially those from the fairies. Each tutu is handmade with different ornaments. Also, the small wings are hand-painted. Each one is unique. In contrast to the colorful costumes of the good fairies stands the imposing black dress of the evil fairy Carabosse, which looks a bit dangerous.

Favorite role?

I think I have my dream role in the piece, I think that this role fits me very well. This makes me feel good!

Your personal goosebump moment?

My goosebump moment is when the Sleeping Beauty awakens. This is underlined by the music, it builds up slowly, while the prince is guided by me through the forest to her. The moment he finds her on the bed, the whole audience breaths a sign of relieve and waits anxiously for the kiss. She wakes up and is united with her prince. I get goosebumps every time.

What is important to you in your role, what do you want to present?

It is important to me to that the audience recognises that I am the guide of the play and that I lead the prince to the princess.